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Since 1987, we have effectively served optometrists, opticians, optical labs, and optical chains worldwide. The experienced professionals of Phantom Research Laboratories, Inc. work with enthusiasm and share a clear sense of purpose to take an active, innovative approach to continuously improve our products and services for our customers. We are dedicated to providing each customer with state-of-the-art equipment, solutions, and service. With customer service, high-quality products, and integrity as our hallmarks, Phantom Research Laboratories, Inc. has earned its place at the leading edge of the industry with dedication, excellence, and positive results.


Lens Tinting Chemicals

Lens DyePackets, Lens Dye Concentrate, fashion and sports lens Dyes, for tinting plastic, polycarbonate, and high index lenses. UV formulas, and more....

Lens Tinting Equipment

9 pot dye units, 8 pot dye units, 6 pot dye units, 2 pot dye units, Gradient machines, lens dippers, new dye units with temperature controllers, and more....

Tools and Accessories

Plastic lens holders, Stainless Steel lens holders, Teflon lens holders, tank removal tool for removing dye unit pots, color kits, and more....

Edging and Surfacing

Lens blocking pads, lens edging pads, lens protection discs, anti-slip discs, plastic blocks, metal blocks, surface saver tapes, polishing pads ,and more....

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