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Lens Tinting Solutions and Chemicals
Packet Dyes for lens coloring. Fashion and sports lens Dyes for
tinting plastic, polycarbonate ,and High Index lenses. UV Dyes,
and UV formulas for UV 400 treatment. Color Neutralizers for
bleaching colors of tinted lenses, and other optical solutions.

Lens Tinting Equipment and Machines, 9 pot dye units, 8pot dye
units, 6 pot dye unit, 2 pot dye unit, Gradient Machine, lens
dippers, new dye units with temperature controllers and stirrers.
UV meters, Light meters, UV analyzer, UV tester. Color
Matching units.
Custom Lens Tinting Equipment, Custom Lens Coloring
instruments and equipment.

Tools, Accessories, and Supplies, Plastic Lens holders,
Stainless Steel Lens Holders, Teflon Lens Holders, Tank removal
tool for removing dye unit pots, Color kits, custom colored lenses,
Lens books, Frame Parts, Frame screws, frame repair supplies,
Lens blocking pads, lens Edging pads, Surface tapes lens protectors,
and other Optical supplies.

Edging and surfacing supplies 

Lens blocking pads, lens edging pads,
lens protection discs, anti-slip discs, plastic blocks, metal blocks, surface saver tapes, polishing pads, pattern blanks
and more...



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